Tips for Passing a Smog Test

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Most people who fail to pass a smog test do so because they do not make sure that their car is running well. If you want to pass the smog test to avoid any inconvenience that may come with it, then it is important to ensure that your car is ready for a smog test. If you realize that your car is not running well and you fear the expenses associated with failing the test, there are several things that you can do to change the outcome.

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Change the Oil

The type of oil that you use will always have a direct impact on your effort to pass a smog test. If, for instance, you are using dirt oil, there are high chances for you to fail the test. Therefore, if need be, it is essential to change the oil. In addition to that, it is good to ask the mechanic to see whether there are cracks on the hoses, as this can also result in failing the test.

Drive at High Speed

If you take the initiative of driving your car at high speed two weeks prior to testing, you will be increasing the chances of passing the smog test. This is because the catalytic converter becomes hot to burn any gas residues and oil and, therefore, convert harmful pollutants to less harmful before they leave the exhaust system. If you are used to short trips, there are high chances that you will end up failing the test.

Check the Engine Light

If your car gives you a check engine light, that signifies you are on the verge of failing a smog test. The best thing to do in such situations is to have the problem fixed before it gets out of hand and lands you to a serious problem. Experts believe that the most common cause for check engine light is a faulty oxygen sensor.

Therefore, if you want to get that problem solved, you will need to ensure that the automotive diagnosis tools used are of the right caliber. In addition to that, it is essential to ensure that you are working with someone who has a better understanding of the whole diagnosis procedures.

Make Sure You Inflate Tires

Lastly, it is essential to make sure that your tires are well inflated. The reason why this is important as far as a smog test is concerned is that if the tires are not well inflated, the car engine will need to work harder to enable the car to move fast. All this may result in failing a smog test.

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