utility atv

If you want to purchase an all-terrain vehicle, you should spend adequate time researching the appropriate type of quad for you. Although the ATVs are designed to provide a lot of versatility, you should get the value of your money by considering different factors such as purpose, price, size, and features. To help you with your research, the following are primary types of ATVs classified according to their function.

Sports ATVs

sports atvThese types of ATVs are available from 250 cc to 700 cc. The lightweight sports quads are quite popular across the world because of their agility, suspension, and speed. You should note that the ATVs are quite faster as compared to other types of quads. Also, they have suspension systems that can handle driving on rough terrains. With their stability and quickness, these sport quads are bought for their purpose of getting into a sanctioned race.

Also, sports ATV is ideal for riding across different terrains. The fact that it is super lightweight and has great suspension allows the driver to climb uphill, run over obstacles, and take quick turns. Moreover, riders have a lot of fun riding these ATVs as they can be customized with different modifications and accessories to make them unique. They are perfect for riders who need speed and who want to start a career in racing ATVs.

Utility ATVs

When you visit rural areas, the quads you come across are utility ATVs. The type has a motor, and it is equipped with accessories used for ranching and hunting. Most people buy utility ATVs as a machine that could help with hauling cargo, feeding livestock, and plowing snow. You should note that these utilities are not only meant for farmers. They are an ideal choice for the hunters, especially quiet utility ATVs, which are powered by electricity.

Side by Side ATVs

riding atvSome examples of side by side quads include SxS and Rhino. This is the only type of ATV that carries passengers. Similar to the sports quads, they are also lightweight with heavy-duty suspension. However, they have a shorter wheel space to allow riders get into tight spots. There are different reasons to consider buying a side by side ATVs. For instance, some are registered for use on the highway. They can be used for specific applications and missions. You should get this particular type if you want to carry passengers who are interested in pursuing outdoor interests.