audio speakers for car

If you want an aftermarket car speaker replacement, then you should settle for nothing other than the best.

Remember, those speaker units are available in a wide range of sizes, features, type, and shape. You ought to do adequate research before you purchase the speaker. The following are certain things to consider when purchasing a car speaker.

Type of Speaker

car speakerThe first thing to take into account is the type of speaker. Ideally, there are two major categories: full-range speakers and component speakers. Getting the best one for your car stereo can be a good money-saving opportunity and provides you with the sound quality you want. In fact, component speakers provide the best sound because of their design. They have separated speaker components that include tweeters and woofers that are separated for easy movement.

Sound Quality

Another important consideration is sound quality. This is what most people are looking for in a car speaker. It is easy to determine the sound quality of your speaker by looking at the frequency range. In fact, car stereo systems feature specific frequency ranges. The lowest frequency is 10 Hz, and the normal peak frequency is 20,000 Hz. However, you do not require the whole range to get quality sound as there is no proof that the extreme frequencies will provide you with sound you need.

Speaker Sensitivity

This is a measure of how a speaker produces power. If the car stereo is low-powered, the right match would be high sensitivity speakers. For instance, if you have an amplifier installed, then you should get car speakers with low sensitivity ratings. When it is properly powered, you will get an excellent sound that you want.


car speaker systemThe other thing to take into account is when buying aftermarket speaker for the car stereo is power-handling. That allows you to determine the amount of power that is measured in watts, and the speaker can handle the same. You should note that the most important feature in power handling is maximum RMS and not the peak power as many people believe.

Build Materials

Ideally, the materials that are featured on the components have an impact on the sound, the whole system’s lifespan, and sound quality. The common components to look for include tweeter, speaker, and woofer.